Camber Energy, Inc. Announces That It Has Regained Compliance with Certain NYSE American Continued Listing Standards

HOUSTON, TX / ACCESSWIRE / February 19, 2019 / Camber Energy, Inc. (NYSE American: CEI) based in Houston, Texas, a growth-oriented, independent oil and gas company engaged in the development of crude oil, natural gas and natural gas liquids, announced today it has received a letter of notification from the NYSE Regulation that it is back in compliance with three of the NYSE American continued listing standards as set forth in Part 10 of the NYSE American Company Guide (the ''Guide'') (specifically Sections 1003(a)(i) through (iii) thereof, as discussed in greater detail below). The Company remains out of compliance with Section 1003(f)(v) of the Guide due to the price of the Company's common stock.

Balance Sheet and Compliance with Certain of the NYSE American Continued Listing Standards

The previously announced closing of the N&B Energy transaction in 2018, which extinguished the Company's bank debt, along with continued institutional investment allowed the Company to increase its total stockholders' equity above $2 million by the end of the third calendar quarter of 2018, representing an improvement in stockholders' equity of over $30 million compared to the Company's stockholders' equity at the end of the second calendar quarter of 2018. The Company continues to identify opportunities that will further increase shareholders' equity.

Notwithstanding the Company's significant increase in stockholders' equity through September 30, 2018, as discussed above, with less than a quarter to go before the NYSE American's extended deadline, the Company still needed to increase its stockholders' equity by $4 million. Over the first 75 days of the quarter, the Company increased its stockholders' equity through investments by an institutional investor. The result of these investments was that the Company had shareholders' equity, as of December 31, 2018 (as shown in the Quarterly Report on Form 10-Q filed by the Company with the Securities and Exchange Commission on February 14, 2019 (the ''Form 10-Q'')), in excess of $7.6 million, which exceeds the $6 million minimum amount of stockholders' equity required by the NYSE American for the Company to meet the stockholders' equity continued listing requirements of the NYSE American.

Following the Company's Form 10-Q filing, on February 15, 2019, the Company received notification in a letter from the NYSE Regulation that the Company was back in compliance with three of the NYSE American's continued listing standards.

The Interim CEO of Camber, Louis G. Schott, noted, "the Company is delighted to receive the letter of continuing listing stockholders' equity compliance from the NYSE American. This is the culmination of a process that began in August of 2017. We are extremely excited about the resolution of this issue.''

Mr. Schott added, "Additionally, the Company is now better positioned for acquisition and merger opportunities of which we are actively evaluating."

As previously reported, in 2017, the Company received notice from the NYSE American that the Company was not in compliance with Sections 1003(a)(i) through (iii) of the Guide. In order to maintain its listing on the NYSE American, the NYSE American had requested that the Company submit a plan of compliance addressing how the Company intended to regain compliance with Sections 1003(a)(i) through (iii) of the Guide by August 3, 2018. The plan was submitted timely and the NYSE American previously granted the Company until August 3, 2018, which date was subsequently extended until December 15, 2018, prior to being extended further to February 3, 2019, to regain compliance with the continued listing standards of the Guide. Specifically, pursuant to Sections 1003(a)(i) through (iii) of the Guide, the Company was required to have at least $6 million of stockholders' equity as of February 3, 2019 to regain compliance with the NYSE continued listing standards, which stockholder's equity, and related compliance, was confirmed by the filing of the Form 10-Q.

Notwithstanding our compliance with the NYSE American stockholders' equity continued listing requirements, we are currently below compliance with the NYSE American continued listing requirement relating to low priced securities.

About Camber Energy, Inc.

Based in Houston, Texas, Camber Energy (NYSE American: CEI) is a growth-oriented, independent oil and gas company engaged in the development of crude oil, natural gas and natural gas liquids in the Texas Panhandle as well as other basins. For more information, please visit the Company's website at

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